Dec 24, 2008

the importance of being good person with mahmudah behavior

. Dec 24, 2008


all muslim are taught and been trained to have mahmudah behavior. what is mahmudah behavior? well, there are actually two behavior of human being. either mahmudah or mazmumah.
mahmudah is a good behavior based on humble and obedient towards Allah's order and Rasulullah's wil.
while mazmumah is opposite mahmudah which is bad behavior.

how to have mahmudah behavior?
1) create biah solehah (islamic environment) such as listening to (radio)
2) do not escape 5 times solat
3) go to mosque consistenly (especially man family leader, husband and father)
4) marry someone like islamic environment (love Allah and Rasulullah, don't like useless entertainment extremely such as fast song, fast food, fast sex, wayang, keep their aurat, like to recite Quran, hadis etc)
5) increase solat hajat and sedekah jariah.

p/s : what a wonderfull world this would be if anyone practice islamic environment (biah solehah) and mahmudah behavior :-)


roshaizul said...

aku suka yang no 5 tu. amal jariah. camna nak amal jariah, kalau sentiasa sibuk.
camna nak amal jariah kalau soru pun mis.
kebanyakan orang sibuk banyak duit atau tak sibuk tapi bayak duit.
kan bagus kalu aku banyak duit dan tak berapa sibuk....erm...

nuratikahseman said...

ijam, talking about amal jariah. it's depend on our sibuk tu.. "sibuk" comes with few questions such as
a)what are you doing?
b)for what you sibuk?for ummah or only for our sake?
when be believe strongly about "if we help towards Allah path, Allah will help us" in no matter what our situation is.." it proveS that we can make amal jariah without any MONEY!
when we talking about money.. money is not everything, but everything need money, isn't it?
we have to have our own principle in our lives...
1)as long as we live, we have to struggle hard and smart to earn money, in the other word rezeki Allah
2)with that rezeki, we help others (family, friends, neighbours and ummah of course)
3)amal jariah regarding to the rezeki are such as money, services, care and knowledge (ilmu)and support.
4)stay enjoy this life and be thankful always...insyaALLAH reach mardhatillah.
2) with the rezeki

nuratikahseman said...

the importance or sedekah jariah is not the amount my dear, but how sincere we are while giving it.