Dec 29, 2008

21/12/2008 - sunday

. Dec 29, 2008

this day was a very tiring day. during the meeting og alumi uthm, there's a few determination due to the 2009 planning such as :

1) first AGM ALUMNI UTHM (UTHMA) worksyop - end of january
2)first UTHMA AGM - end of february
all the realization is depends on the letter of recognization from ROS about the successful registration of "persatuan alumni uthm" as one of the establish NGO in Malaysia and how the sponsor committee members work toward the planned task and job spesifications.
 if all the planning becomes true, we can have a lot of benefits with the AGM this february, please pray for its successfull!

after check out MITC ancasa hotel, we went to tesco to buy some groceries and lepak2. of coz we also bought some udang segar at only rm8.90 per kg. then, maghrib we solat at my mother in law house at air mawang, johol and after that continued our journey to PD at 830pm. we reached our house at 9.40pm. 

very tired and slept at living hall..hahahaha :-)