Dec 30, 2008

26/12/2008 - friday

. Dec 30, 2008


after subuh continued slept.hahaha this is golden chance to qada' tido.. azzahra played with nenda2 nya. i n hubby slept soundly.

woke up 8am and the breakfast already prepared.thanks mom!

that afternoon, mom and i cooked for lunch.what meal?msk lomak cili api ikan senangin, sambal belacan, daging masak kicap, ulam kacang botol. memang meletup! very delicious and inilah "ancaman diet" i :-)

after jumaat, i and hubby went to tampin town. just two of us. jejalan sambil tgk tabiat manusia. ada yang ghairah berbelanja, ada yang tgk2 jer, ada juga melayan karenah ank2 yang sdg spend their school holiday.
here a little tips for those who want to shop:
1. list down what you want to buy
2. identify either it is "keperluan" or just a "kehendak"
3. check out the quality, and the reasonable price.
4. think of our future!

that night, we had "kerangka ayam" and some kuih only. diet ke?i guessed so.
p/s: tak mudah mencari duit, tp mudah menghabis duit. so, find barakah rezeki and spend it wisely.