Dec 29, 2008

24/12/2008 - wednesday

. Dec 29, 2008

cicak man 2!!!!today we planned to watch cicakman 2 at tgv jaya jusco.

azzahra woke up very early this morning. then after having our breakfast (fried behoon with fried chicken..sumer yang gemukkan) we went to kak idah house and rashid house (in front kak idah house). it was 10pm already. 

after chatting with kak idah, my hubby with abg wan and mr mechanic help to repair rashid's car (my bro in law)and it settled down at 1pm. hohohoho... then we continue to jj (cm2 mission)

aftersolat zohor, we did a window shopping..konon nk window shopping. but i bought shoes, and azzahra's clothes hubby bought shoes also...he spent for my my sandals (thanks dear)

at 4pm the cinema started. the story was ok. i think cicak man first is better. so do my hubby. azzahra likes to simulate cicak man...cak cak cak...

huhuhu..after solat asar,we went back and we didn't have dinner that night. it's good yar for me..hehehe.. :-)

p/s : sale at jj now. buy only what we need, not what we want!!!