Dec 29, 2008

23/12/2008 -tuesday

. Dec 29, 2008

kak idah (azzahra's baby sitter) not available hubby went to loyat plaza with abg shah for the whole day. so, worst come to worst i have to bring azzahra with me to the meeting today (9am). thanks God she was ok with that.

after having that meeting, we just sorted the spreadsheet and the job for that day last at 12pm. nasir will continue the other job at unit exam.

that evening kak wani (my good friend and also my neighbour) came and brought some soto with nasi impit..wahahaha...murah rezeki hari tu!!!that's a lot of meal for the night. i already cooked sup sayur, sambal udang and rice. so that night i ate twice....kak wani's soto was so delicious especially the "pegedil kentang" lah ANCAMAN2 DIET AKU!!!

tido lena..kekenyangan maaa....

p/s: lega keje unit exam 99% finished