Dec 30, 2008

25/12/2008 - thursday

. Dec 30, 2008


thist morning we decided to go to kak nik's new house at dengkil, sngor. kenduri kesyukuran dan doa selamat due to her new house home coming.

we began our journey at 11am after packing coz after that we blk kg. reached kak nik's house at 12.00 pm and quests had started to eat. there's alot of kelantan meal there
1) gulai daging ala "gulai kawah"
2)kerisik ayam
3)tapai pulut
4)ulam etc
after having that meal, we got some baulu and dadih (take away). then we went to loyat. hubby had deals there.azzaha and i just waited in car while hubby settled his work at loyat. huhuhuh my stomach made trouble!dont know y.

rest at rr seremban on the way home. we met fara nur asma. she was on her way back from seeing her husband at kl. we had our dinner at kfc. that was my 1st time ate at kfc by buffet.hahaha so weird for me.theres no more set for meal.and customers only 4-5 person at one time...azzahra as usual, play in the playland inside the kfc. then, we had a visit to the near by pasar tani. the items sold there were reasonable laah. we bought some fruits, asam kecut (hahaha) etc. we couldnt stay long there coz it was started to rain. we continued our journey to my father in law house.

finally we reached air mawang at 8pm and azzahra already slept. so tired..zzzzz.. :-)
p/s: hasrat nk tapau tapai dr umah kak malu..huhuhu