Dec 24, 2008

don't say something bad about others

. Dec 24, 2008

today is not a very lucky day. but the something i am going to tell here is about how to control our emotion. when something happens in our life which is we cannot accept it, we have to control it no matter how bad mood we are. don't ever say anything bad such as "kurang ajar, sial and so on".

please be polite to others and stay calm, humble actually when someone hurt you or not follow your own rules. these are few steps to control our emotion :

1) recite "astaghfirullahalazim" which is mean "please forgive me Ya Allah"
2) Allah create other human because Allah create all human being. you also! think twice to say something bad about others.
3) maybe something bad happen to you is a punishment from Allah. Allah can use many mechanisms to test you.
4) just smile and bother them away!
5) you appoint someone's fault, one day many people will appoint your fault doubt anymore!

p/s : stay cool and remember Allah always... Allah in our heart forever :-)