Dec 29, 2008

22/12/2008 - monday

. Dec 29, 2008

my students exam papers not marked completely yet!

so this morning i woke up early 5am and at 8 am i settled it all! dear at last it's over.hahaha then after send azzahra to her babby sitter house (kak idah) i went to office specifically unit exam.

after key in all marks using PMIS i helped other staff to key in theirs. at 1 pm i started processed the result with deba (my teammate) for unit senibina and after an hour (2pm) it all completed! 

welldone for the excel job!

that was maybe the las job (process students result and print spreadsheet) for unit exam becoz next semester i wont be in that unit anymore..huhuhu... sometime we need to berhijrah... isn't it?
p/s: thanks nasir and my team (deba, kak huda, kak suriyani, rozaimi, azmi, abg mat, haizal and ain) for all help and your kindness in exam unit.