Feb 4, 2009

oh my little child

. Feb 4, 2009


yesterday we went to billion supermarketafter solat maghrib at masjid port dickson. we bought asadi sport shoes for azzahra which is cost rm31.90. quite expensive its prize. but azzahra really like it.the color is blue combine with pink. she looked very excited to wear that shoes. on the way back, she said " mama, can i wear that jogging shoes now?" i said "cannot my dear, wait until we reached home".when we reached home,she put on her new shoes and she asked me, "mama, can i gat bathe wearing this shoes?".. "no my dear. u cannot"
very funny little child..huhuhu...


~ hariza akmar ~ said...

mcm2 perangai budak2 kecik ni..
but there were very honest person..
iza suka tengok gelagat budak2 kecik ni..