Feb 1, 2009


. Feb 1, 2009

last night i watched a movie 'the adventures of merlin'.. the story was very interesting for me. it was all about warrior and the ability if merlin, a servant of a prince(warrior) who had magic power.

there had a warrior tournament between royal warriors. and one of the warrior use black magic to win the event. during the final event, the warrior namely elvent had to fight with athur (the prince) and merlin (the prince servant) used to prove the king and others that elvent used black magic (which is no allowed in the fighting) to kill the prince athur.

over all, the story really interesting..we got lawan2 and magic...mmg best lastly the prince won becoz of merlin's help. merlin also had special talent in magic.

p/s : 1am got slept...zzzz