Jul 9, 2009

ppsmi dimansuh sepenuhnya 2012

. Jul 9, 2009

i strongly agree with this new policy. for me the best way to improve English skill is by enhancing the method of teaching English subject and get fully support from students to commit in English class activities effectively.

i got my first 100% marks in English exam when i was in standard 2. i still can remember it. and i always get the best result afterward. this is because i like English subject so much , i support English activities and i love English teachers!

i started doing UPSR exercise book when i was in standard three. the earlier we start, the better we get. i agree with that.

when i was in secondary school, i started to communicate with tourist confidently. that is the way i improve my English skill.

since primary school, i joined story telling, debates, speech, poems reading, short play, choir and many more. i like English activities.

although i like English, but i still like Bahasa Melayu subject most.

i recognize that Allah give me the language intellectual which is one of 8 intellectuals. so thankful with that.

mama> bahasa jiwa bangsa.