Jul 9, 2009

ara is recovering from chicken pox

. Jul 9, 2009

this pic was captured b4 ara having chicken pox - @ tang dynasti kota kinabalu sabah

today i want to share with all that i feel so happy because cant waiting for tomorrow. i had promised to ara to bring her to KL. this is a reward for her because of her recovery from chicken pox. actually during she had her chicken pox this whole week, i felt so sad looking at her. i cannot afford to catch any daun semambu. my hubby is so busy with his work the whole days.

anyway, i am so proud to have ara because although she is sick, she still smiling, laughing like usual. she always say that " mama, when i recovered lets go KL, JJ, tESCO"

then, i hope tomorrow i can fullfil her wish. may Allah bless us. amin.

mama> fail to plan is plan to fail